The attitude of gratitude

Buddha Doodles gratitude journalHave you discovered Buddha Doodles yet? Mollycules is a “spunky cartoonist with an appreciation for spirituality.” Her doodles appear regularly on the Huffington Post and Tiny At Molly’s website you can signup to get free Buddha Doodles delivered to your inbox.

As well as publishing books of Buddha Doodles she’s also created two gratitude journals. This is something I may treat myself to I think. Sometimes I write a daily list of things that I’ve enjoyed or things that I’m grateful for, but it’s a habit that I don’t always remember to keep up. I think that if I placed a gratitude journal beside my bed then perhaps that would serve as a reminder to write three things in it every night.

Keeping a gratitude journal may reduce stress and negative emotions, increase happiness and improve the quality of your sleep. Each page of Molly’s gratitude journal displays a different cartoon and a page to write what you are grateful for. On the Amazon website you can peep inside the book and see some of the beautiful drawings.
Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal: Shining Your Light

I am quite thankful that I discovered Buddha Doodles! What are you grateful for today?

Disclosure: The link is an Amazon affiliate link.

Reasons to be cheerful #R2BC

if you want it I do love Michelle’s blog link-up (affectionately known as a ‘linky’) which is all about being grateful. For November it is being hosted by Becky at Lake’s Single Mum.

I really want to focus on appreciating the good things in life this month, so on Tuesday I went to my first Buddhist meditation class, which had the theme ‘Grateful Feels Good.’

Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week.

1) I tried meditation and I liked it. Gently guided by a Buddhist monk I breathed in golden light and breathed out dark smoke. Random thoughts rose to the surface and burst like bubbles in a drink. I listened to the idea of moving away from cherishing the self, and instead cherishing others.

“Put yourself slightly off-centre. Put others at the centre instead, then you will actually feel happiness and peace.”

2) My house. After 13 years of narrowboat life I now very much appreciate living in a cosy cottage with central heating. I have discovered microwave cooking and relaxing bubble baths. I adore my new washing machine. Turns out 21st century life has a lot going for it.

3) My daughters. My youngest baby turned four years old this week. We celebrated with cake, jelly and balloons. My daughters teach me to be joyful every day.

What is making you cheerful right now?

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