What does your bookshelf say about you?

BookshelfYou are the sum of the 5 books you think you are reading.

OK, I’m paraphrasing the statement ‘You are the sum of the 5 people you spend your time with’ but recently my friend donated her old bookshelf to me, and as I happily filled it with my own books I noticed what topics I love, the subjects I like to learn about and the stories I like to immerse myself in. Then I noticed the things that I ‘should’ read and haven’t.

Try this.

I thought it would be fun to make one of those ‘What I Think I Do’ memes. This series of internet memes compares the various ways others may see you with your own self-image and the ordinary everyday reality of the job. I first saw the one about being a mother; but they’ve been created for every role and career imaginable.
1) Take pictures of your books. I laid mine on a white piece of paper and snapped them with my phone.

2) Load them up to your computer.

3) Visit http://uthinkido.com/ or grab the template image from knowyourmeme.com

4) Create your meme and share it on social media. Post on to my page if you like.  Once I had the photos on my computer it took about 20 minutes to create the meme image. But then the ‘generate image’ button wouldn’t work for me so I pressed ‘shift’ and ‘print screen’ and then pasted the image to Paint to create a JPeg.

Looking at my bookshelf you might think that I am a social media magpie, feisty feminist and wine-lover that dreams of being an online entrepreneur; but I actually read romantic vampire novels from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga!

What do you actually read?!

U think i do meme

Reinvent yourself with books

If you want to reinvent yourself as a feminist wine-buff, without being a social media magpie, whilst also reading to your kids, becoming an entrepreneur and falling in love with a fictional vampire then here are the Amazon links for your Christmas list.

How To Be a Woman
The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club: Everything you need to know about wine – and much, much more by McGinn, Helen on 14/02/2013 unknown edition
Shiny Shiny: How to Stop Being a Social Media Magpie

I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato (Charlie and Lola)

Making Money Online
Twilight (Twilight Saga)